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Legal Grounds to Challenge a Will


Improper Acts or Delays by Executors

It is sometimes the case that the solicitors acting on behalf of the PR’s (or themselves as professional executors) do, or fail to do, certain things that mean the beneficiaries or, indeed, the other executors end up contesting the way in which the Estate is being run and the way in which the assets of the estate or being dealt with.

These cases are regrettably quite common.

Often the problem is that the professional executor is favouring the interests of a particular beneficiary for some reason, or is behaving in a manner that is detrimental to the interests of one or more of the other beneficiaries.

Often the situation is complicated and beneficiaries feel as though they are being ‘kept in the dark’ and that all is not well in the administration of the Estate.

This is not so much a question of contesting a Will and contesting the manner in which the estate is being administered.

Either way, as soon as the beneficiaries or executors suspect that all is not well, or feel that they are not being told the entire picture, it is crucial to act quickly. This way the damage can often be contained or rectified by way of mediation or intervention.

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